Dangers of toe nail fungus – An Unsightly and Potentially Painful Infection!

Nail fungus infection is a disease which is caused by the finger as well as toe nails. The fungus can grow rapidly in the moist, warm and dark environment, so they find a place under the nails to grow. It is a very common disease caused by many people and is difficult to spread as it is the safest place for fungus to grow. This one is going to be really interesting for you as you get to know the causes, symptoms as well as fungal nail treatment – japanese toenail fungus code.

Who is the most likely to suffer from it?
Some people are most likely to get this infection. Here is the list of such people:
* People who have got diabetes
* The ones whose parents have the same problem
* The one who have weekend immune system
* Girls who use artificial nails or the ones who have got habit of biting them
* Smokers
* To elderly people more than young
* To men more than women
What are the causes?
Some factors contribute in adding up the risk. Some of the most common causes a reduction in blood circulation, heavy perspiration, wearing shoes and socks that do not have ventilation, tight footwear, walking barefoot at public places, family history, weekend immune system and humid work environment.

What are the symptoms?
There are a few signs which say that you might have caught the infection. Some of the most common symptoms are:
1) Itchiness is the first symptom of a fungal infection. The skin around the nail gets corrupted and degrades.
2) An increase in temperature is seen in the case of every fungal infection, and same is the case here.
3) A feeling of numbness or no feeling in the infected area and the skin around it is most common as the skin gets degraded and the sensory nerves fail to function.
4) We tend to see a yellow-brownish discoloration of the finger or toenail. It usually begins at the end of the fingernail and then slowly moves underneath and destroys the entire nail.
5) When the nail is infected the nail tends to become very thick making it very difficult to trim or remove the nail. This causes immense pain. It also hinders day to day activities like wearing gloves, socks, etc.
6) Sometimes the nails develop black patches too which look very dirty and unhygienic.
7) Infected nails tend to break very fast. The very often get flaky and chipped.
8) The infected nails may also give very bad odor. This is a cause of concern and reduces the confidence of the individual.
9) Puss may develop in the infected nail.

In extreme cases, skin lesions may occur which could be dangerous. It would require a surgery when things get a grave.

What are the treatments?
Once you feel that you have got the signs that are mentioned above, it is advisable not to panic. Consulting a doctor or a specialist is good. He will diagnose your problem and suggest you the medications and treatment to cure it. There are several ways to cure it, and one of the most popular is laser fungal nail treatment if it is severe. If it is at the primary level, the antifungal creams, gels and nail polishes can serve the purpose. If it is at the moderate level, doctors will try to cure through prescribing you some antifungal pills. It is it at serious level; they might ask you to remove the infected nail. To further grave situations which will be very dangerous.